Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and processing personal data

Within Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg (org. nr. 0626723-2) we process customer’s personal data primarily during booking and contact to ensure good and personal customer service. The protection of personal data and integrity is very important to us, and we always follow current legislation intended to protect you as an individual. All data that can be directly or indirectly linked to a specific person is treated carefully and reliably, and high level of personal privacy protection is maintained. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how and for what purposes we process your personal data. By submitting your and/or others personal data to us and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you consent that the personal data is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If a more specific consent is required from you by law, we will of course ask for such specific consent. Changes to the Privacy Policy are announced by publishing the new Terms and Conditions on our website. We recommend that you visit it regularly.


Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg collects and processes your personal data only if permitted by law. Collection and processing may take place when using our services, such as ontacting, making a booking or during and after your visit. We may also get your personal data from our partners who contact us for your part, i.e. regarding a booking. When the law requires that consent is obtained for the processing of certain types of personal data or for certain forms of processing, consent will be obtained from you before processing takes place.


We only collect personal data relevant for the purpose that the personal data is collected for. The information that may be collected is, for example, information regarding name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, specific dietary requirements, language, travelling companions and other information you provide when using our services.


Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg uses personal data to

  • administer, provide, develop and maintain the services,
  • process your bookings and orders for services,
  • contact you i.e. by phone, e-mail or letter,
  • diagnose errors, optimize technology and contact you in case of problems related to a booking or performance of the services,
  • analyze and improve the quality and experience of the services,
  • analyze statistics about our services,
  • improve your benefit and experience of our services in other ways we believe you would appreciate, or
  • promote services and products, directly or indirectly.

You are entitled to free off charge at any time ask Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg retain from processing your personal data for marketing purposes, or revoke your consent thereto. You may exercise this right by contacting the Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg at the address shown in paragraph 9.


Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg stores personal data in compliance with this Privacy Policy and applicable legislation. ersonal data may be transferred between partners or subcontractors for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg uses subcontractors for example, for sending newsletters and personal data may therefore be transferred to these subcontractors. Our subcontractors process your personal data only on behalf of Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg’s, in accordance with our instructions and only after they have executed a data processor agreement pursuant applicable by law, in order to ensure a high level of protection for your personal data.

Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg may disclose personal data to a third part, such as police or other public authorities, in the case of criminal investigations or if Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg is otherwise required to disclose such information on by law or decision of a public authority.

Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg does not transfer personal information to countries outside the EU/EEA. However, if we, for example, have a subcontractor located in a country outside the EU/EEA or it is necessary for us in order to fulfill our contractual obligations towards you, a transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEA may occur even if that country does not have an adequate level of protection for personal data according to the EU Commission. In order to ensure a high level of protection of your personal data in such situations and compliance with EU/EEA regulations, Shipowners Ltd J.L. Runeberg enters into a data processor agreements with such subcontractors. Such processor agreement will regulate the subcontractors’ processing of the personal data and, when applicable, the transfer of personal data, pursuant to applicable EU/EEA data protection regulation. The agreements contain terms and conditions required by the European Commission and which fulful the requirements of the applicable data protection laws.


Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data against, for example, loss, tampering or unauthorized access. We adapt our security measures to meet the continuous development of technology.

Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg deletes personal data in accordance with applicable law. This means that Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg deletes or depersonalizes personal data at the customer’s request if the purpose of processing personal data is no longer available. The purpose of the processing of personal data is given in paragraph 3 above.


The services may contain links to other applications and/or websites not controlled by Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg. This Privacy Policy applies only to your use of the services. Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg is not responsible for the content of linked applications/websites and the processing of personal data that may be undertaken by the owner or operator of linked websites.


If your personal data changes, please inform Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg about this by contacting us as stated in paragraph 9. Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg is not responsible for any problems that arise from the fact that personal data is old or incorrect if you failed to inform us of such changes.

Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg will, upon your request or whenever discovered by Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg, correct or delete inaccurate or incomplete information. You are also entitled to receive a transcript of the personal data being processed about you free of charge. Requests for transcripts of personal data shall be made in writing to the Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg as stated in paragraph 9 and shall be signed by you and contain name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The transcript will be sent to the given address within one month of the date the request is received by Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg. The frequency of which you are entitled to receive such transcripts may vary depending on where you are domiciled.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to further processing (not retroactively) of your personal data by contacting Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg as stated in paragraph 9, whereupon Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg will prevent such information from further processing. However, you are advised that withdrawal of consent does not affect unauthorized processing (for example, provision of services you ordered), but may result in the service not functioning as intended or impossibility for Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg to provide services.


If we sell, reorganize or otherwise transfer all or part of our business, your personal data may be transferred simultaneously.


If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg’s processing of your personal data and compliance with the Privacy Policy or applicable legislation regarding protection of personal data, please send an e-mail to: or a letter to Shipowners Ltd. J.L. Runeberg, Mestarintie 5, 06150 Porvoo, Finland.