Even if our last cruise season was the shortest season ever, a lot has happened during winter. We have for example renewed our website and put a new booking system into service. Tickets for the cruise season of 2023 is now live on our website. Please contact us if any problem occurs on the webshop. We always want to serve you personally!

In February we were awarded ‘Vuoden matkailuteko 2022’ by Porvoon Matkailuoppaat r.y. Shipowners J.L.Runeberg was awarded for the “meritorious, long-term and unyielding work as a provider of experiential cruise services in Helsinki and Porvoo”. Thank you Guides Porvoo for the aknowledgement!

During the winter some minor renovations has been done on the ship and old parts in the ship has been changed to new ones, as needed.